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Denville Line Painting is a family owned business which was started by Matt Olenowski in 1967. At the time, Matt Olenowski was a Denville police officer. After borrowing $2,000 to buy a paint machine, he painted Norman Dean Funeral Home’s parking lot, located a few blocks from the Olenowski’s home in Denville, NJ. He purchased the paint from a local hardware store. The paint machine was delivered to the job site and later walked back to their home and kept in the back yard. The office was located in their house for many years, as well. A few years later, Mr. Olenowski re-mortgaged the family home in order to buy Denville Line’s first striper. Over the years, Matt’s six sons took turns working many, many long hard hours learning the pavement marking business and have grown Denville Line Painting, Inc. into one of the most successful pavement marking companies in the United States today.

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